About Us

Our Story & History

Welcome to Recycled Timbers!

Recycled Timbers NZ LTD is a reclaimed timber business that is proudly 100% New Zealand operated and owned. Recycled Timbers was established back in 2014 by a young and ambitious entrepreneur, Almanzo Bampied. Almanzo formed an incorporated company in 2016, and Recycled Timbers continued to go from strength to strength. 

With nearly a decade in the industry, we are well-established and have many important contacts within the industry. Today, Recycled Timbers supplies our timber products all over New Zealand, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our timber business.

Our Passion

The entire team at Recycled Timbers is exceptionally passionate about reclaimed timber, finding old Wharf timbers and railway sleepers, and giving them a new life. It gives us great satisfaction to see our timbers used in various architectural and landscaping projects throughout New Zealand. 

Using reclaimed timber in your various projects gives this timber new life, and it is definitely an applauded, sustainable choice. Not only does it add value to your project, but it also adds character and gives your project a little bit of history. Reclaimed timbers are not something that you can simply pick up from your local hardware store.

Our Facilities

At Recycled Timbers NZ, we are able to supply timber milled to the dimensions and length that you require for your project. We also have the facilities to clean and blast timbers and are able to bring out the incredible grains that our reclaimed timbers have. 


Are you interested in our hardwood beams and reclaimed timbers? Feel free to get in touch with us today for a quote.