Our Hardwood Solutions

Below you will find just a few of the recycled hardwood options that we offer here at Recycled Timbers NZ.

Large Hardwood Bridge Beams

With over 4000 linear metres of old hardwood beams in stock there is a large range to choose from. 


Dimensions: 200x100 - 400mm x 450mm

Length: 1 - 8 meters

Resawn Hardwood

Ironbark wharf piles are milled to suit the dimensions and lengths needed

Max length 6m 


Resawn Hardwood beams

Being able to resaw an old hardwood beam allows you to get the suitable dimension needed while keeping the rustic look.  

Railway Sleepers

Depending on availability we have a range of used rail way sleepers, perfect for various landscaping applications such as retaining walls, fences, raised garden beds and more. 

NZ Pine Railway Sleepers, these are the most common sleeper you see getting taken out of the rail lines around NZ and replaced with concrete. 

American Oak Railway Sleepers, these are imported from Florida and are 2.6m long and a larger gauge than any NZ or AU sleepers.

Australian Hardwood Jarrah Bridge Sleepers, these are removed from old rail bridges. 

Dimensions: 2100 x 200 x 150 mm 

Grade: B- Grade (used) top and sides are generally square, with likely hood of chips and minimal cracks being present. 

Treatment: Creosote treated

Hardwood Mantle pieces & shelves

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